How To Become Enlightened – The Many Direct No BS Technique

Hey guys, whilst I mentioned in my own past posts on spiritual enlightenment and mind, you will never know the reality of one’s existential character unless you feel spiritually enlightened or experienced some heavy awakenings.
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Therefore I strongly suggest you read those two articles first before that one if you have not performed so yet. Those two posts will provide you with a better knowledge of what to consider once you use the strategy that I’ll discuss in that article.

So, it doesn’t matter how properly I described it for your requirements and it does not matter how correct your principle on spiritual enlightenment is, it’s perhaps not the truth and never can be.

Do you recognize that this really is the key reason why you aren’t enlightened in the first position?

I must describe that for you in more detail.

You Can’t Think Your Way To Enlightenment

I am going to give you a obvious primary method how to become enlightened, I am going to do so without all the cozy spiritual and spiritual nonsense.

Also, most of the content on enlightenment is high in spiritual blow that is pointless and is obviously harming you since it is just filling your face up with an increase of theory and information.

You see, the problem with philosophy generally speaking and almost everything you come across on Google on enlightenment is that the majority of the accessible material is merely more conceptualization and theory.

Philosophizing about the simple truth is you taking into consideration the reality and the problem listed here is that you can’t believe your way to enlightenment! Never actually ever ever.

Becoming aware of your existential nature involves anything totally different than considering and the thing is that the only thing we as individuals are great at is thinking.

You have been carefully using thinking because first and you’re taken inside it, so significantly so that you really thought up your very living, think about that for a second..

Listed here is a excellent example of what you are facing, envision that you are a hamster and the thing you understand is working in your little hamster wheel and 1 day you hear concerning this domain named quantum mechanics.

You become so interested in knowledge quantum technicians that you start operating on your own hamster wheel even more, hoping to somehow realize it.

Certainly there is a constant can realize quantum mechanics by working on the hamster wheel, no matter simply how much you do it.

You will never knowledge enlightenment by contemplating it!

So slice the bullshit. Meaning end performing countless study about it, stop looking for scientific responses, and don’t even take what I say about religious enlightenment as truth, well until you wish to throw away countless amounts of hours attempting to become enlightened.

You’re caught in your mind/thinking matrix and I’m here only here sliding you a bit of report that says, hi friend you are in the matrix therefore wake the fuck up!

Only understand that the paper isn’t truth since it is also in the matrix.

The truth is since you are stuck in the matrix I need to somehow utilize the matrix to influence you that you will be in the matrix.

I am aware, it’s twisted.

Therefore How Do I Become Enlightened?
The fastest and most direct approach to reaching in enlightenment is with a mix of two different methods day-to-day, self-inquiry and awareness on today’s moment.

Those two techniques in my own knowledge contain the smallest amount of quantity of bullshit, they’re very primary and to the point.

If you do get this really and do the work everyday, you are certain to get enlightened within 2 to 4 years. It will depend on your own certainty and how focused you are.

The aim of these practices are exactly the same, that is for you to have a direct connection with your correct character and that mind is all there is, it contains everything, and you’re it.


For this technique you will stay in a couch, in a meditative like posture.

In order to do self-inquiry successfully you will have to be emotionally alert. You are likely to have to be tremendous aimed therefore always try this workout during the time you are most awake.

Therefore do not do this following meals or right before sleep since it will be difficult for the mind to focus.

You are likely to try this self-inquiry workout for 30-60 moments therefore I suggest placing a timer on your stopwatch.

Once your timer is defined you’re ready to begin.

You are able to do this along with your eyes start or shut, it doesn’t matter. Do whatsoever assists the mind emphasis better.

Things you need to complete is look deep inside your own personal consciousness/awareness and make an effort to flag place in actual time what exactly isyou. What exactly is that sense you’re feeling and why does it make you’re feeling like it’s who you are therefore concretely?