Tik Tok replaces Musical.ly You should know that via the app

The social media app Musical.ly is no longer there – but the members’ accounts were taken over by Tik Tok. What you as a user of this app can expect and which features we consider to be particularly interesting, we tell you here.

Log in and start with the existing account

Tik Tok sees himself as a global video community with an emphasis on music and dance. Users dance, do gymnastics and gesticulate in front of their smartphone camera while simultaneously moving their lips in sync with the song or other audio clip. If you have created such a recording and are satisfied with it, you can of course share it with your friends. If you have a Musical.ly account, just log in. You will notice some differences compared to Musical.ly, though.

The biggest differences between Tik Tok and Musical.ly

At Musical.ly, the clips were limited to just 15 seconds – after switching to Tik Tok, you can create music videos up to five minutes long. Through algorithms that evolve through machine learning, less content of offensive nature should find its way onto the platform in the future. Musical.ly was criticized for such content and the clientele attracted to it. A disadvantage of Tik Tok: Unfortunately, you can not insert stickers and emojis into the clip directly in the app or subject them to a major overhaul. But there is a workaround for that.

Insert and edit pictures in Tik Tok

The whole thing works through a third-party app: So you have to download a video software such as the Movie Maker for your Android device. As an iOS user, for example, you can use the ALIVE Movie Maker for iMovie. Which application you choose depends on what you want to include in your videos. It’s best to just browse the apps a bit. Then you simply record your clip outside of Tik Tok, insert the desired effects via the app of your choice and then upload the work in Tik Tok via the Upload button (to the right of the large recording button). You can now do some final editing in Tik Tok and complete the process with the white checkmark.

If you would like to enjoy not only lip sync recordings, but real vocal ambitions, we would like to recommend once again our article in which we explain how singing lessons via app works. On the other hand, if you want to create music videos for Facebook, you should look at this text again.

What do you think of Tik Tok Video Downloader? Did you use Musical.ly at all? Tell us in the comments of your experiences.