Why Air-con Light Blinking

Is your Aircon light flashing? Air conditioning has become a common gadget in our lives; we really integrate them into our lifestyle. So why not? They provided us with clean, cold air under all conditions. They are gadgets that bring ease and comfort to our lifestyle. The days when people adjust their lifestyles and daily life completely according to the climate have long ceased to exist; now air conditioning helps us control the temperature. For more assistance , you can easily find the good aircon servicing company in Singapore .Image result for Aircon Service

Air conditioning related issues

Such an indispensable device needs to be properly maintained, because if it is damaged and in good working condition, it will be very difficult for us. There are some basic problems in air conditioning. You must understand each and learn to react to them. Among the many problems associated with air conditioning, flashing light is a very common problem.

Air conditioning light flashes – a common problem

This is indeed a very common problem observed by air-conditioning owners. There are many explanations for this symptom. One is that the compressor in the air conditioner has stopped operating in an appropriate manner. When this happens, when the AC is turned on and the compressor is not rotating, the indicator light indicating whether the compressor is rotating is blinking. This is one of the common explanations for the flashing green light in air conditioners. The sensor may be faulty. It needs to be identified and then replaced to solve the problem.

This indicator plays a different role for different air conditioning systems and therefore may not be suitable for another car for one car. For example, in the coupe category of a car, a flashing light indicates that the snake compressor belt is slipping. In this case, a simple belt replacement solves this problem.

Sometimes the problem is related to a faulty magnetic clutch relay used to control an AC with a magnetic relay compressor.

Sometimes, problems can occur even when the battery is replaced and the car system is not properly configured. In this case, it is recommended that you read the correct instructions carefully and follow the specific code that will properly calibrate your system. After that the problem should be solved.

Solve the problem

There are a lot of air-conditioning companies that specialize in repairing air-conditioning and air-conditioning. The problem of blinking is absolutely no problem for these air-conditioning experts. You can call us for a free consultation, but please note that they will charge for shipping and on-site troubleshooting.